X42 Horizontal Expansion


In stock (can be backordered)

For mounting a 4HP accessory along the back (typically a 4HP power module such as a uZeus)

The color of the 3D printed plastics (rails, feed, tabs)

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Part of my expandable case series.This is a 42HP horizontal expansion case which can be used to extend the X system. You must already have a base case to use this expansion. It adds another 42HP of horizontal space.

It is available in MDF with an optional 4HP cutout in the back to mount a 4HP power solution such as the uZeus as well as I/O panels and other 4HP modules as well as vents along the bottom. Includes optional stands which can be used to angle the front of the case up a bit. Comes with all the mounting hardware, including 24 M3 square nuts for the rails (12 nuts per rail), and even an allen key to help with assembly.

The S and E series have been recently combined into the current X series. There have been changes from what some of the photos currently show, especially how the rails mount when using the expansions. I am working on updating the photos as I can, just be aware things will be slightly differently from what is shown.