Skiffy 442 Acrylic Edition


The color of the 3D printed plastics (rails, feed, tabs)

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Meet the Skiffy 442! A 3+1 skiff-style case which offers 42HP of both standard modules as well as a single row of 1U/Tile modules. It is intended to be used “face-up”. It is half the depth of the X42 and supports modules about 70mm deep (or about 40mm deep if using a 4HP power module).

This version is made from 3mm acrylic and includes 3D printed rails, mounting tabs, mounting hardware, 12 square nuts per rail, an allen key, angled feet that can be used to angle the case up if desired, and anti-slip feet.

Also includes cutouts for a 4HP power option (such as the uZeus) along the back.

If you would like extra customizations beyond the options here, such as hardwoods, other colored plastics, custom logos, etc. – please contact us! We would be happy to help!

Note photos which include modules are for illustrative purposes. Modules and cables are not included. Comes flat-packed so some assembly required (hence the allen key).