OtterX Laser Cut Case


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If you would like to customize your case beyond the available options, feel free to contact us!

This is the first version of a laser cut case for the OtterX X16-Compatible Computer

Available in 3 materials: MDF, Finnish Birch Plywood, and Recycled Clear Acrylic. Other options, such as hardwoods, other acrylic colors or acrylic/hardwood combinations  are available upon request. Comes flat packed with all the panels and the mounting hardware you will need to use to assemble it Рeven an allen key!

Now with multiple front panel options! You can chose from 9.5mm right-angle tactile switches which mount to the PCB directly (and replace the ones that come with the OtterX) or silver 12mm panel mount buttons which can be used with the front panel header.

Also available is a vertical option, which rotates the main OtterX logo and the engraving on the front panel.

The case design files will be made available soon so that those who able to laser cut material and have access to an FDM 3D printer (for the internal posts) will be able to assemble their own. A parts kit may be made available to make this process easier as well (to be determined).

Looking to pick up your own OtterX? You can do so here. This case is only compatible with the OtterX but if you want to pick up the official X16 Developer Edition, you can do so here. I am considering a version of this case for the X16 Developer Edition. If interested feel free to contact me!

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MDF, Finnish Birch Plywood, Acrylic

Front Panel

PCB Mount Switches, Panel Mount Switches


Horizontal, Vertical