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Introducing Acrylic Options!

And the return of birch! I finally found a supplier that provides Finnish birch. Previously I was only able to find Russian birch. And look I’m not saying there aren’t good people in Russia, perhaps that make fantastic birch plywood. I just don’t feel right about possibly doing anything that might help Russia do what they’re currently doing. And I’ll leave it at that. Fortunately, after over a year there is now an alternative so expect birch to come back as an alternative to MDF for most of the cases. And of course I will continue my Hardwood Editions for folks that want a premium hardwood case.

But for now, let’s talk about acrylic!

Meet the Skiffy 42 Acrylic Edition! This was made using recycled frosted acrylic and Starry Night for the plastics (my favorite color). I’m super excited about these and honestly I’m not quite sure why I waited so long to try making an acrylic case. Folks have been asking for them. Part of the issue was finding a good supplier but I also wanted to focus on having more case designs too. Or at least that’s my excuse 🙂

Acrylic is more expensive than MDF or Birch. It sits in between Birch and the hardwoods and this is reflective in the cost. But it is quite a stunning look! I do plan on offering more colors. I think translucent red acrylic panels with black plastics would look really awesome for instance! So expect more options to follow soon!

For now the Skiffy 16 and Skiffy 42 are available as Acrylic Editions but I hope to offer most of my cases in acrylic. The X-series, since it is meant to stack, will require some additional testing but I think all the Skiffy designs should be pretty well good to go. If you had a case in mind you wanted that isn’t available in acrylic yet, just let me know!