Skiffy 42: Hardwood Edition, #004 – Purpleheart & Glitter Stardust


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Meet the Skiffy 42: Hardwood Edition! This is a 42HP skiff-style case intended to be used “face-up”. It is half the depth of the X42 and supports modules about 70mm deep (or about 40mm deep if using a 4HP power module).

The hardwood editions are made up of various pre-selected hardwoods and plastics and are individually numbered. While my normal Skiffy’s are meant to be affordable and functional, these are meant to make a bolder statement and stand out more being much more of a premium offering. This one is made from Purpleheart hardwood, a rather strong wood that comes from Central and South America. The plastic parts were made from Glitter Stardust filament, a white filament with lots of glitter added to it. The plastic colors can be swapped out for any of the colors we offer if preferred.

Unlike my normal Skiffy 42’s, this comes mostly assembled – only the angled feet will need to be attached, if desired. Anti-slip feet are included if you prefer to mount the enclosure directly face up instead of angled. The rails come preloaded with 36 square nuts (18 for each rail).

It also includes cutouts for a 4HP power option (such as the uZeus) along the top, complete with screws.

Note this one is slightly cheaper since there are a few small cosmetic blemishes on the bottom and rear.